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Gadgets for making your surf more efficient

There is some software that helps us to surf more faster and more efficiently.


Newest software so far is TrafficBrowser.

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Add your TE login data and surf very fast as browser will change tabs for you!

Great browser! You can surf separate sites or assign them to groups and load automatically. Browser has PowerTabs (changing tabs for you with only one click), TimerTabs (jumps to the site with 0 timer) and many other great options. Check it out and you won't regret it :)


Another browser it TE Browser.

It is older and bigger than TrafficBrowser. Definitely more expensive too :) Check it out if you have some free cash.



Next software is FireMouse.

This one is the best so far and it's totally free. Well, you have to be a member at GPTchat and be an active surfer. That's the only criteria :). Fair, isn't it? Very good software, allowing you also assigning one of your mouse buttons or wheel and clicking very fast as it jumps directly on the surfbar. Very good gadget!




That's the first one I found around a year ago. It lets you switch tabs just by pressing a key when you are surfing several exchanges at once.



Next is TurboTabSurfer. (Site seems to be down for quite a while now)

Unfortunately, this one is free for only 30 days, afterwards, if you decide to continue using it, you'll have to pay monthly. There is an OTO when you are signing up and it's a lifetime upgrade and quite good considering monthly fee afterwards. Gadget is very good, you will assign one of your mouse keys and with only one click you will jump to the next tab and on the timer.

















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